About Us

Footwear manufacturer since 2014. Specializing in leather formal footwear for men and school shoes. Find us at the bustling Kariobangi Light Industries, along Outer Ring Road.

Email: shoes@bantu.co.ke

Call/Text/WhatsApp: 0718842108


  1. Who is Bantu Shoes?

We are a local manufacturer of genuine leather shoes. All our shoes are made from our workshop located at Kariobangi Light Industries, Outer ring road in Nairobi. We have been in the business since 2014, we have sold over 10,000 thousand pairs of shoes in Kenya and the larger East Africa.

  1. Can I get cash on delivery outside Nairobi?

At the moment, we only offer cash on delivery in Nairobi. However, you can still access our shoes for cash on delivery via our logistics and distribution partner at www.jumia.co.ke/bantu-shoes

  1. Are our shoes made of genuine leather?

The uppers of all our shoes are made of genuine leather; interiors a mixture of fabrics and small animal leather, and micro materials for padding and comfort

  1. What type of soles do you use?

We use PU rubber soles of varying density from very hard ones to soft ones. This is indicated on product descriptions

  1. What if I order a shoe and it does not fit?

We accept returns and we will ship another pair to you our own cost. We only expect you to ship it back. Upon receipt and confirmation of its condition, we will ship another pair

  1. What if the shoe does not fit after wearing it once?

This is a very delicate scenario that happens every now and then. We would like to avoid this as much as possible. However, if it happens we prefer to share the risk and still have you as a happy customer.  For one day wearing, we will charge 300/= and hand you a new pair. Non questions asked

  1. Do you offer warranty on your shoes?

We offer 6 months warranty on uppers. In case of tear on the leather, we will replace, no questions asked

  1. Do you offer wholesale prices for large purchases?

Yes, we offer wholesale prices. We also accept sub contracting to do shoes on behalf of customers

  1. What is the minimum order for wholesale?

Minimum order is 5 units.